Understanding Self-esteem: 7 Ways to Develop Higher Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is directly related to our self-confidence. The more self-esteem we have the more our confidence will be. Not just to do a task, but also to live life to the fullest. Which is why developing higher self-esteem is important and possible by using certain techniques.

Self-Esteem is defined as confidence in our own abilities. Are you sure you are worthy enough? Are you sure you deserve something? If Yes, it means you have higher self-esteem if No, it means you lack self-esteem.

Large part of controlling our self-esteem depends on our beliefs. If we have draining beliefs we will observe lower self-esteem moments.
For eg. If someone broke your heart, you might feel “you are not worthy of love”, or moments in which you say to yourself “why does this happen only to me?” 

“The stronger and positive our belief system, the higher will be our self-esteem.”

Remember, since self-esteem is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, it also affects your perception of how others feel about you.

Signs of lower self-esteem

lower self esteem

Lowes self-esteem can be observed in several ways but to reduce complex language — it simply means being mean to yourself.

These are signs of lower self-esteem: 

  • Don’t feel confident of your abilities.
  • Feel irritated and angry at yourself when you make even the smallest mistake. 
  • Find yourself affected by any kind of criticism or suggestions. 
  • Overthink on your failures and don’t appreciate accomplishments.
  • Constantly compare yourself to others in a negative way.
  • Feel anxious, depressed and worried about everything you do.

It can be hard to accept that you could be experiencing low self-esteem. But recognizing it is the first step to correct everything and tackle those negative thoughts and develop self-esteem.

Disadvantage of lower self-esteem

Lower self-esteem affects our mental health. Making us mentally unstable lower self-esteem can induce several negative beliefs unconsciously. Which will pause us in life’s flow state and direct toward negative aspects.  

Few disadvantages of self-esteem include;

  • Anxious & Depressed Feelings
  • Strong want for Perfectionism
  • Loss of Hope
  • Inability to overcome hurdles
  • Worry & Self-doubt, etc.

There can be uncountable disadvantages of not believing in ourselves (self-esteem). But we can use a few techniques to tackle them and develop & boost our self-esteem. 7 techniques are shared below.

7 Ways to develop self-esteem

#1 Accept that no-one is perfect, including yourself

Having the belief of perfectionism is a big obstacle to starting something new. So accept that you are not perfect, surely you will also make mistakes like any other beginner

The best part is, at least you will not regret in future for not trying. Self-esteem will follow the path when you accept “I am not perfect, that’s okay, point is how can I move one step toward becoming perfect?”

#2 Oppose your negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is the primary reason for lower self-esteem. The way we serve ourselves, our beliefs build up that same way.

Recognize and acknowledge if these thoughts are serving or hurting you. Hurting thoughts are negative. You have to use positive self-talk to get rid of negative self-talk.

#3 Use positive affirmations

Using affirmations is best hack to boost self-esteem. Practicing affirmations not only help us build inner confidence but also help us tackle negative emotions, such as stress, panic, self-doubt, anxiety, etc.

Affirmations to build self-esteem;

  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I am a valuable human being.
  • I appreciate who I am.
  • I value myself as a person.
  • My future is bright.
  • I deserve to relax.

#4 Celebrate & appreciate on small wins

We make ourselves very busy at work and later in life realize small wins contribute most for a fuller life. Celebrating small wins is needed but often we ignore them by saying “ohh it wasn’t that big!!”

It has been found in research that people who tracked their small achievements every day enhanced their motivation. The simple practice of recording your progress helps you to appreciate your small wins which in turn boosts your self-esteem.

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#5 Surround yourself with exciting peoples

You have to develop a new belief. You reflect five people you hangout with. In order to change your lifestyle and make yourself feel worthy you need to hang around with people who find themselves worthy. People who are excited about life.

Make a circle of friends that support you, cheer you, and together celebrate those small wins.

#6 Get out of comfort zone

Those with low self-esteem tend to avoid challenges and new opportunities. This can be due to fears or self-doubt. But when you succeed in any big or small way, you show yourself that you can persevere through rough moments.

Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean that you have to throw yourself into highly uncomfortable situations. It means you’re willing to try new things even if you enter difficult situations.

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#7 Stop comparing yourself to others

Self-esteem drops very low when you compare yourself to someone else. Yes you might have experienced comparing on social media and then feeling sudden envious emotion and unworthy of living that luxurious lifestyle unlike that influencer.

  • Limit use of social medias
  • Write what you can learn from him
  • Practice Gratefulness. [Read more here]

Comparison is thief of joy

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#8 Forgive yourself for past mistakes [Bonus]

Sometimes we just stay in the past for a long time. Just because of our mistakes. Our past mistakes are responsible for making us feel most unworthy.

We get to move forward, that is the only option.


Main purpose to develop self-esteem is to feel worthy and confident of our abilities. So that we can build strong inner confidence to tackle every external criticism or negative energy.

When we believe in ourselves, external environment doesn’t impact us that much. When we learn to celebrate our wins, we are independent of other’s opinions. 

Somewhere, higher self-esteem plays very little but important part in making us a complete independent person.

Take at least two practices from here and start implementing it from today to soon experience higher self-esteem.

Good DAY📌

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