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I help you get more sales, clients and position you as an expert with a strategically built website.

Hello, nice to see you! đź‘‹

I am Shivendra Thakur - a Web Designer & Developer + Copywriter, working globally!

I helpďľ entrepreneursďľ like you get more sales/clients with your website so you can focus on growing your business and leave all the website tech and hassle to an expert like me.ďľ 


What I Do?

I'm All About One Thing! Helping you get more leads/sales with your website.

I design and develop beautiful, strategic, and powerful websites for entrepreneurs just like you, who are creative, driven unconventional, open to possibility, and care deeply about the people they serve. If you’re like my previously satisfied and happy customers, you want a professional website and save yourself from tech overwhelm!

I can help you get a beautiful, strategic and powerful website so you can attract more clients online and finally build the business you’ve so far only been able to dream of!

How am I different?

đź“Ś Unlike other designers, I don’t rush into starting a project without first taking the time to understand your business and goals.

đź“Ś I prioritize your business and the results I deliver. It’s important for me to understand you and your business so that I can create a website that effectively communicates with your customers in your unique voice and, most importantly, drives sales.

đź“Ś I build strong relationships with my clients, treating them like friends. I bring a fun, casual, and enthusiastic approach to our collaboration, always ready to assist with every little detail.

I Will Help You Grow.

As a fellow small business owner, I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to run a business and make a meaningful impact. It pains me to see entrepreneurs like you struggling with websites that don’t deliver results.

Instead of spending hours searching for “how to build a website,” let’s work together to create a website that drives growth for your business.

How do I work?

We'll Go Through These 4 Steps

There are peoples actively seeking a brand like yours. Together, let’s construct and expand your business, ensuring that they can discover you.


One website many benefits

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here

Sales machine

With a sales-focused website, you’ll have potential leads calling, signing up, or purchasing your services. Let me transform your website into a 24/7 sales machine.

Build Credibility 

Your website is the perfect platform to showcase who you are and why customers should trust and choose you.

Look Professional 

Differentiate yourself from the competition by building a website that establishes trust and showcases your professionalism.

Tell your story

I ensure your website design is perfectly aligned with your brand, delivers messages and tells your story and converts them into paying customers.

Fast & Easy to Use

I make sure your website is fast and easy to navigate so that no visitor leaves your site confused and frustrated and becomes your ammbassdor.

Deliver Inforamtion

Provide a quick and easy way of giving info to your customers. List your opening hours, contact info, show images of your location or products and use forms to facilitate inquiries.

Are you ready to take the next steps to grow
your business?

Website Packages


$ 1197
Suitable for new businesses just getting started
Basic logo
Premium Template
Basic SEO
Premium Theme
Content upload
Stock images
Upto 4 Pages
1 revision
2 consultation calls
Time: 2-4 weeks
Sales funnel
Analytics setup
3 months free maintenance
VIP tech training & support


$ 3497
Full blown website and business solution for businesses who want to thrive online
Digital Products (optional)
Premium Logo
Custom Design
Brand font and colors
Conversion copywriting
Wireframes Design
Adv. SEO
Sales funnel
User journey map
Upto 10 pages
4 revisions
8 consultation calls
VIP tech training & support
Analytics setup
Personalised strategy & advice
3 months free maintenance
Save 54%


$ 2197
Suitable for new businesses just getting started
Premium logo
Brand font and colors
Adv. SEO
Wireframes Design
Analytics setup
Upto 6 Pages
2 revisions
4 consultation calls
VIP tech training & support
1 month free maintenance
Time: 2-4 weeks
Analytics setup
3 months free maintenance

*If these packages don’t meet your needs, I’d be more than happy to work out something tailored just for you. All you have to do is just get in touch.

My Web Design Process

01. Consultation

We will hop on as many consultation calls as it takes and discuss your business requirements, pain points, struggles and goals. I will diagnose your main problems and come up with the exact solution.

02. Strategy

I will develop a growth and website strategy and explain it to you to confirm if that works for you. We will then move ahead to design your website with a solid success strategy.

03. Design

I will get your design preferences and research your competition. I will then design your dream website while getting your approval at each step so that your website doesn’t come as a surprise.

04. Development

Once your design is finalized and you have a visual of your website, I will start building it on a suitable platform for ease of use and scalability, then we are ready to celebrate.🎉

Agency like quality with the personalized attention of an expert

As a web design expert, I offer affordable services that don't compromise on quality. Unlike big agencies, I provide personalized attention and expert suggestions tailored specifically to your business needs.

“I want to thank Shiv for creating an amazing website for my business. Shiv is a talented website designer who worked diligently to bring my vision to life. He was responsive, completed tasks ahead of schedule, and put a lot of effort into his work. I’m extremely satisfied with the website and highly recommend Shiv for anyone in need of a skilled website designer.”

Ryma K.
Owner at Korob Pet Hotel

Let’s book a date to chat about your new website

Projects that helped me gain experience.

Selected works

A strong yoga studio website created on WordPress with custom features like online booking and membership functionality. The website is fast, has engaging content, and effectively converts visitors into customers.

A lady clothing manufacturing business company, with worldwide export business and multiple outlets in India. Website is fast, scalable and satisfying to owner and have received appreciation from visitors as well.

Korob Pet Hotel is a website for dog boarding and grooming services. It is built on WordPress and includes special features for easy reservations and a unique design. The website also has engaging content that attracts more bookings.

Get Your Business Online With Me

I’m unable to share all of my best work due to confidentiality agreements, but I can provide you with a preview of how your website could look. I have attached some demo sites for you to explore!

Make-up Artist


Portfolio/Personal Brand


Co-working space



Movers & Packers

Real Estate/Construction 

General FAQs

I have experience working with various types of businesses, from small start-ups to medium-sized established companies. I have worked in industries such as coaching, investing, real estate, local businesses, brick and mortar stores, personal websites, and service-based entrepreneurship.

The time it takes to build a website can vary depending on the industry and business. Factors like the design quality, number of pages, components, and features required by the client also play a role. Generally, small projects can be completed in about 3 weeks, while medium and large projects may take around 6-8 weeks to ensure high-quality results.

Yes! I have made the payment process simpler and affordable. For every website project, the payment is split into 3 parts: 30% deposit to book your slot in my production calendar, 35% in the middle of the project, and 35% at the end of the project.

The cost of building a website depends on its features and complexity. For a rough estimate, it can range from $499 to $10,000 or more.

Smaller websites typically cost between $499 and $2,000, while medium-sized ones range from $3,000 to $5,000. Large enterprise websites can exceed $10,000.

Having a higher budget allows me to conduct thorough research and create the best website for your industry. As a freelance web designer, my rates are usually more affordable compared to web agencies. Additionally, I can provide personalized attention to your project, which is often lacking with agencies juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

It totally depends upon the requirements and size of the project. I am proficient in WordPress, WIX, Webflow, Shopify,  and Squarespace. All these platforms are affordable, faster and breeze to build and maintain. You’ll be able to update most of the stuff on your site yourself.

Of course, As a web design freelancer, I offer copywriting and editing services as part of my package. If writing isn't your thing, I can help by creating compelling and SEO-friendly content for your new website. Since you're the expert in your industry, I'll need to ask you some questions to ensure the copy effectively communicates your brand message and positions you as an industry authority. Rest assured, I'll work closely with you to craft an amazing copy that resonates with your audience.

I understand that making investment decisions can be challenging. As a fellow small business owner, I've faced similar concerns. But imagine if you could attract new customers and generate sales more quickly, and actually recoup your investment within just a few months.

Every month that passes without generating new sales means more losses for your business. Continuing to do the same things that aren't yielding results is actually more costly than taking action and improving your website.

Based on my own experience, I wouldn't hesitate to invest in something that can help my business generate more sales. And I encourage you to consider the same for your own business.

Absolutely. At the end of the web design project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business so you can stay in your zone of genius – growing your business. I take away all the hassle of maintaining and updating your growing business site.


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