Lasting First Impression: 10 Ways to Make Great First Impression

One of important reasons why you must focus on first impression is, it lasts way beyond that moment. If we meet someone we have already met before, our way of talking to them would be improved. We will keep in mind their first impression. 

First impressions are responsible for stable relationships. Everybody tries to make their first impression as good as possible, in interviews to land a job, in networking events, on their date, etc. 

To understand more deeply, why your first impression matters, read about Halo Effect. Several brands use this effect to build trust and grow their audience.

Yes, most people fake their first impressions, and that’s not bad, in fact it is needed. 

Robert Greene agrees on this saying;

“People judge on appearances. They observe your body language, tone of voice. So in order to present yourself in perfect way you have to be a bit of an actor.”

Here you will learn 10 ways to strengthen your first impression and act in such a way so that next time you plan a meeting people will be excited to see you.

1. Win Body Language Game

Body language plays key role in your first impression. Because only after observing your behaviour will someone choose to talk to you. Why would someone choose to talk to one, who is wearing bad outfit, walking with kyphosis like spine, and with strangely serious expressions and insanely insecure!! 

Before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of youu.

Basic good body language;

  • Dress well
  • Stand/sit with straight spine
  • Smile when needed
  • Eye contact
  • Develop confident voice tone

2. Begin with small talk

Not everyone is comfortable starting a conversation unless you’re in an interview. So why not grab this opportunity and start a conversation. 

Using small talks constructively can make your everyday life success-oriented and easier. You never knew whom you will meet next.

No need to overthink on saying Hii, what worst can happen, a person could ignore you!  But that’s great start to develop confidence as well.

So be first to make a talk. Nobody forgets who started the chat. Which is great step in building a good first impression.

How to talk to Anyone a must read book with small-talk tips and how to chat to build trust.

3. Give a memorable introduction 

Introduction is must if you are conscious about delivering great first impression. It will create chances for small-talk and you can begin digging deep. So understand person and fire your introduction.

That’s where the idea of storytelling will help you. When you introduce yourself with story people will never forget you, humans connect with good stories. 

Basic good introduction tip;

  • Prepare your introduction (if not yet!)
  • Speak like story (that other person can connect with)
  • If person doesn’t seem interested in the story, make it casual, and begin small talks.

4. Share your experiences or expertise (provide value)

Chances of leaving great first impression increases when you give other person valuable knowledge or things.

Things — you can’t give them to just anyone and keeping a trolly with gifts is not recommended to keep with you in a networking event. 

Share what you have in your brain, if you could give someone your knowledge (after finding if they really need it or not!) nothing else can be more valuable.

5. Be Attentive (be present)

People often ignore this, a great first impression will be left when you listen to a person carefully. On that basis you will share your ideas and swap small talks to valuable talks.

Even if you can make other person feel heard, you are valuable to him. Don’t check your phones while talking to someone, it makes people feel you’re not interested in them, which is a bad impression.

Basic BE PRESENT tips;

  • Don’t multitask (no phone, no playing with pen, etc.)
  • Listen 
  • Do not interrupt
  • Suggest only when needed

Personal favourite book to improve communication like leaders.

6. Have Control on Attitude

If we are having a good day, chances are we will act more positively and happy. And happy people are easily approachable. 

Having control on your attitude will help you in not acting negatively when you are having a bad day.
Attitudes aren’t good or bad, they are either useful or useless. A useful attitude is welcoming, curious and enthusiastic. A useless one is acting bored, rude or hostile. Good presenters are always aware of their attitude.

7. Search for common interests

“We tend to like people who are a little bit similar to us.”

Common interests are game changers in first impressions, it is little complicated to find interests of other person on first meeting, but few things can be observed with just one line questions like, what’s your favourite movie? What music you listen to?, etc.

Knowing a person’s interests will also help you determine if it is the kind of person you want to build relationship with.

8. Speak Clearly

Utilizing the right words and the right tone is a significant piece of conveying your ideas. In order to deliver information thoroughly, it must be spoken with the right expression and pronunciation and in a way that the other person comprehends.

Having speech disorder feels ungrateful at such moments, but that should not be the reason to take a pause from making connections. There are ways these disorders can be cured to get better.

Basic clear speech tips;

  • Talk slow
  • Use hands
  • Practice speaking before meeting.

9. Adapt others

To make a comfortable environment for other people to speak and talk, adapting their behavior works like a trick. A trick which will help you understand each other very well.

Being uncomfortable and shy will lose the interest in conversation. People love talking to curious fellows. And to be curious into another person you get to adapt to that environment.

10. Never be a pleasing person

We sometimes experience meeting authoritative people, for eg. popular stars, influencers, company heads or founders. While meeting them, especially in first meeting we tend to lean toward their position and behave pleasingly.  

Nobody likes people who are clingy. Which is not the right way to land your first impression. Try other ways to impress them or try to learn something from them, yes, ask questions that make sense.

11. Give A Great Bye [BONUS]

Remember to say goodbye to everyone you have met. Find them and tell them about your departure. This will make them realize that you value them, you’re not someone who simply joins conversation to take advantage or pass time.

Hug, Handshake or See you soon are better than nothing.


At the end. Are you confident enough that the person remembers your name? Because if the person remembers you, you’ve successfully made a great first impression (it has to be positive, people also remember the name of a person who messed up things!). 

One more thing, I don’t agree on “Your first impression is the last impression ” impressions keep changing when people find new values (either positive or negative) about you. You always have control over how you want to be remembered. But;

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Good DAY🤝


Why is making a good first impression important?

Making a good first impression is important because it sets the tone for how people perceive and interact with you. It can determine whether someone wants to do business with you, hire you, or even be friends with you.

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to make a good first impression?

Some common mistakes people make when trying to make a good first impression include being late, not making eye contact, appearing disheveled or unprepared, talking too much or not enough, and being too aggressive or too passive.

How can I prepare myself to make a good first impression?

To prepare yourself to make a good first impression, it’s important to do some research beforehand. Learn about the person or people you will be meeting, dress appropriately, practice good hygiene, and be confident but not overly aggressive.

What are some tips for making a good first impression during a job interview?

When it comes to making a good first impression during a job interview, it’s important to be well-prepared. Research the company and the job, prepare answers to common interview questions, dress professionally, and arrive on time. Be confident, but also listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions and be prepared to ask questions of your own.

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