stubbornness and determination

Stubbornness & Determination: Underrated Keys to Achieve Success

To move forward in life with our goals toward our dreams we can find two ways, stubbornness and determination. Most of us are still unaware of their meanings and more importantly their roles in our life.

Being stubborn means you don’t like to change your ideas, even when you’re given new information. Being determined means you really want to reach a goal and won’t let anything stop you. 

Both of these traits can be helpful or hurtful in life. They can help you stick to your goals and beliefs, but can also make you close-minded and not want to try new things, which can slow down progress.

Both have positive as well as negative impacts on your life so let’s discuss in brief about their roles in our life.

What does it mean by being stubborn in life?

Being stubborn means that you refuse to change your ideas or opinions, even when other people try to convince you otherwise

For example, let’s say you believe that the best way to solve a problem is to do it a certain way. Even if someone shows you a better way to do it, you might still stick to your original plan because you’re stubborn. 

Though, this can be good because it shows that you have strong beliefs and won’t give up easily. But it can also be bad because it might stop you from finding the best solution to a problem.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being stubborn.

Advantages of being stubborn:

  • You won’t give up on what you want to achieve.
  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • A stubborn person has a strong and determined attitude.
  • You don’t easily give up.

Disadvantages of being stubborn:

  • One might not be open to new ideas or ways of doing things.
  • You might not listen to other people’s opinions.
  • It might hurt your relationships with others.
  • You might have trouble changing and adapting.

Is being stubborn in life helpful?

Being stubborn in life has several advantages. But those advantages aren’t valuable if their disadvantages make us more invaluable. Not listening to others’ opinions and only caring about your ideas will only degrade your personality. 

So, the answer is no!! You should not be proud of being stubborn. Relationships and your ability to listen to others and see better solutions is far more important than just staying on your solution only. By being determined as well you can develop habits of believing in yourself and not giving up easily.

Signs you are being stubborn.

  • You do whatever you want, without caring about others’ opinions.
  • Pointing out flaws in others’ ideas.
  • You keep at an idea or plan, or insist on making your point, even when you know you’re wrong.
  • Feel frustration or anger when challenged.
  • You say “yes” to others, but end up doing something else.

What is the root of stubbornness?

Insecurity and fear of the unknown or fear of change are the root causes of stubbornness which make us believe that we are only knowledgeable and our ideas are better.

How is stubbornness different from determination?

Stubbornness is an unwillingness to change one’s mind or ideas, even in the face of new evidence or arguments. Determination, on the other hand, is a strong resolve to achieve a goal, despite any obstacles that may come up.

Stubbornness and determination are not the same thing.

For example, someone who wants to start a business can be determined to make it a success. They work hard and don’t stop when things get tough. But if they won’t listen to others or change their plan, even if it’s not working, they are being stubborn.

Being determined is good because it helps you reach your goals with a learners mindset. But being stubborn can hold you back because it makes you not want to change or learn new things more specifically, it makes you a self-oriented person (Yess!! I meant a selfish person).

There is a difference between being stubborn and standing for what you believe in.

Why is it important to have determination in life?

Having determination in life means having the drive and focus to pursue your goals, no matter what obstacles may arise. It helps you stay motivated and overcome challenges, keeping you on track towards your desired outcome.

With determination, you have the power to turn your dreams into reality and make a positive impact in your own life and in the world around you.

Determination also develops self-esteem and confidence which play a key role in achieving desired success.

In short, determination is the fuel that keeps you moving forward, helps you grow and achieve your dreams, and makes a positive impact on the world. So embrace it and make it a part of your life!

What makes a person determined?

Becoming a determined person you need to have a goal. It is possible to develop determination. These are few characteristics of a determined person;

Strong motivation and passion for a goal: When someone has a strong reason for wanting to achieve something, it drives them forward with determination.

Positive mindset: A positive attitude and belief in oneself can lead to determination and the persistence needed to reach a goal.

Clear vision and focus: Having a clear idea of what they want and focusing on that goal can make a person determined to succeed.

Overcoming challenges and obstacles: People who are determined are often able to overcome challenges and setbacks because they have a strong resolve to reach their goal.

I will bring you more brief idea of becoming determined in life in future blog posts. So make sure to stay updated (bookmark my blog).


Stubbornness is not really needed but again conscious stubbornness works fine. If you listen to others opinions as well and not be selfish everything is fine.

Determination has an immense positive impact. It supports us in the long term.

So, decide a goal, find determination and don’t be stubborn.

Good day🙌💫


Can stubbornness be positive?

Yes, stubbornness can be positive in certain situations. When used in a constructive way, stubbornness can help individuals stand up for their beliefs, persist through challenges, and achieve their goals despite setbacks.

Is stubbornness a mindset or something else?

Stubbornness is not necessarily a mindset on its own, but it can be influenced by a person’s mindset. A person with a fixed mindset, who believes their abilities and traits are set in stone, may be more likely to exhibit stubbornness in the face of challenges or criticism. Whereas, a person with a growth mindset, who believes they can develop and improve their abilities, may be more open to changing their approach and less likely to exhibit stubbornness.

What is the mindset of a stubborn person?

It depends, but it often involves a strong attachment to their own beliefs and opinions, a reluctance to change or try new things, and a tendency to resist outside influence or feedback. Stubbornness can sometimes be driven by fear of failure or loss of control, and may also stem from a lack of self-awareness or openness to different perspectives.

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