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11 Beliefs That Will Turn Your Mindset into a Growth Mindset 

Beliefs are responsible for shaping our thinking, which influences our behavior. And the reason for behavior change is change in our mindset.

You might have noticed a few people behaving badly, the reason is they don’t have a stable mindset. People with a stable growth mindset keep on climbing ladders to success. Which is one of the big reasons for turning our beliefs and adopting a growth mindset, followed by positively changing behavior, building good personality and learning effectively. 


What Factors Influence a Growth Mindset?

Developing a growth mindset depends mostly on what kind of thoughts we repeat often. But apart from beliefs there are few more factors that influence growth mindset.

Factors that influence a growth mindset include;

  • Excitement toward learning→ One can’t learn effectively without being excited about the topic. Excitement induce dopamine which in turn promotes faster learning. Growth mindset is about learning things effectively.
  • Being practical→ Intellectual understanding of ideas will move people nowhere.
  • Environment→ People you surround yourself with have a huge impact on how you behave and how your beliefs are. Environment is a big factor that influences growth mindset if used correctly.
  • Beliefs You are your thoughts, how and what you think impacts your overall personality. Which is what we are talking about.

Below are eleven beliefs that will help you develop a growth mindset and change your life’s direction.

11 Beliefs That Will Change Your Mindset

Remember, mare beliefs won’t bring the change, you have to put them into practice. Then why do we need them? Because an aligned belief system makes the practice less hard. 

“I can learn to do anything I want”

Injecting the belief of openness toward learning everything will induce empowerment and give you an immense boost of energy to act on learning. 

This belief will also bring acceptance that nobody is perfect at the start. And when we accept and then move, the path becomes clearer. It reminds us that we have a choice of learning and have the ability inside to learn, so why not give it a try.

“Criticism is feedback, I now understand where to improve”

Criticism becomes a major obstacle when we are in process. We can receive criticism from family, friends or people on the internet. And when we turn that criticism into feedback our improvement rate becomes faster.

But if we sit down and overthink critics we can’t work calmly to make improvements. To make it simpler: Criticism is good, it illustrates what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you can do to become better at your job.

Feel inspired in others success

People have a default brain pattern that makes them feel envious of others‘ success. That’s not wrong, but that blocks our path to improvement.

Feel good on others success by;

  • Always try to learn at least one thing from them.
  • List down all their good qualities that you don’t have.
  • Forcibly, wish good for them.
  • Be empathetic.

Growth mindset requires you to be a constant learner and learning from other people will inspire you and also make you an effective learner.

“It will take some time, but I remain persistent”

A person with a growth mindset believes that bringing a change takes time. Whereas a fixed mindset person is always in a rush for early success and when he doesn’t see positive changes he stops putting effort and moves to other projects.

Growth mindset also consists of a calm mind. Believing in succeeding with persistence will help you in making decisions calmly. 

Pro Tip: Remain Patient & Persistent 


“Failures are temporary”

Facing failures is the biggest discouraging moment for everyone. But only a few get back and push to achieve their goals. Which is also the reason for failure being highly spoken term in the field of motivation.

Inducing belief of failures as temporary will prevent you from quitting and allow you to view possibilities to make changes in failed plans and learn from mistakes. 

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“This idea is exciting, I will act on it right now”

Either we act in the moment and if we don’t most of us never act on that idea. Acting immediately has to be a habit, because if we give our idea even some time we will find a reason to drop it or procrastinate.

When action becomes our habit, we will be unbeatable. Visualize yourself acting on most ideas that you find in books, videos or listen. You’d become a beast, that’s how you identify a growth mindset.

“Obstacles are part of success”

There is no way we can make everything go smoother. And if someone says they can show you a simple, obstacle free path to greatness or success, please leave them immediately. Because it doesn’t exist.

Sooner we believe this, more time will be saved, to be invested in finding solutions to obstacles.

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Learns from everyone and everything

One characteristic of a person with a growth mindset is that he learns from everyone and everything. 

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.”


I think that quote is enough for you to believe how valuable it is to learn from everyone and everything.

Good habits have great return and bad ones have miserable

Understanding the value of habits and implementing good habits earlier in life will have an incredible positive compound effect in your life. And the opposite is true as well, bad habits will turn the graph upside-down.

morning meditation

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“Motivation is temporary but Discipline is permanent”

Relying on motivation would be a costly mistake. Depending on inspiration is a condition for us to work, so if we don’t find inspiration we will not act, which is undoubtedly dangerous for productivity. We have to be independent of motivation.

You’d need to believe this to bring a growth mindset. And not only believe but also work on building a discipline system around your goals.


“Responsibility is opportunity”

Responsibility makes us a strong human being. We need emotional strength to grow in life. And responsibilities make us emotionally strong. 

People often avoid responsibilities which is not a good practice. You’d need to take responsibilities as well to shift to a growth mindset.

Key Takeaways

Well all of the beliefs above are worth taking away. But as usual I would recommend you to begin with 1-2 practice, comeback and add more.

Remember, beliefs play the most important role in manifesting our dreams. Which is why they have been talked about by almost all great leaders and human beings ever existed on earth.

Yes, changing beliefs is possible.

Good DAY🐱‍🏍✨

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