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5 Reasons Why You Should Start to Wake Up Early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Ben Franklin

Waking up early is essential for making an energetic start for the day. It will make you a disciplined person, balance your mental health – Research has shown that those who wake up early in the morning have shown better mental health symptoms. They are more cheerful, satisfied and feel positive toward situations. It also lowers the chance of mental illnesses which is usually found in those who go to sleep late and wake up late.

What kind of mental illness? Anxiety, Morning irritation, overthinking (when it’s been a long time for an unstructured sleeping and waking schedule). 

Our sleeping schedule, if it keeps changing, affects functioning of our neurotransmitters, which can cause several diseases and disorders.

Without digging very deep we must be clear that waking up early is a simplified way to move one step forward in building better mental health. And better mental health will make us focused and aware about our life.

Here are 5 reasons you need to convince your brain to wake up early.

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To give yourself an energetic start

Early wake up early win and win equals energy and excitement. No doubt you’ll start feeling more energetic as you get up early everyday. Initially you’ll feel tired but when you add a long walk or jog then surely you could feel boost in your energy for the entire day.

It will inspire you to exercise if you don’t do it yet. 

A trick to get an energy boost in morning is to perform a task that will make you feel like a winner, it could be making your bed, exercise, meditation, etc. Admiral William H. McRaven had given great insights with his book Make Your Bed about the importance of starting your day with a win.

To get more work time than average people

Early birds have shown higher productivity rate than those who wake up late. How? Comeon, because they have more working hours to set themselves for work and start working on tasks earlier.

Surveys indicate that from 1-4pm people feel most dull and tired. It is due to afternoon slump. This is where early birds have an unfair advantage. They can take a nap or rest in these dull hours. And get back to work completely charged.

So waking up early will get you more time. Hence, you’ll get more work done than starting your day 2 hours before noon. Your productivity will boost incredibly fast if you choose to get up early.

For better & balanced mental health

Waking up early will reduce chances of getting stressed, depressed, anxious, etc. Specifically, women are more sensitive to depression (and that doesn’t prove that men can’t be mentally sick).

Studies reveal that women who get up earlier are far less likely to develop mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders than those who sleep later.

Our priority has to be healthy lifestyle, and that must include our mental health too

Getting good sleep and waking up early will develop your self-esteem and increase your willpower so that you can fight back negative thoughts to defeat mental illness.

To spend more time with family

Because of work we get an excuse to not spend enough time with family. Getting up early, finishing work sooner will make it possible. If you are in a 9 to 5 job you will have extra energy to spend more time with them.

Best part is you can spend morning hours with them without running late for office, school or college.

To experience peace and silence

When you wake up early, before the rest of the world wakes up you have peaceful moments for yourself. There is no heavy honking from the traffic or neighbours fighting or speaking loudly. Early mornings are a great time for relaxation. You can step out of the house to get some fresh air, prepare yourself.

Peaceful Morning

According to science the silent moments are actually highly beneficial for the brain and body; they help in increasing the oxygen levels in the brain, reduce blood pressure, lessen migraines, and boost mental health.

It becomes way easier to pray or meditate in such an environment. Woww, doesn’t it excite you to wake up early?

Key Takeaways

You don’t necessarily have to wake up at 4:00, recommended is 6:00 and below that. Set your time and stay focused on making it a habit. True win will be when you can wake up at same time everyday. Everyone struggles with waking up early in some phase of their life, they want to get up early but they don’t.

It’s because either they have strong reasons to NOT wake up early or they are just indolent. Which is why I shared these 5 reasons that could help you strengthen reasons for waking up early. And talking about indolent (laziness) you need to use you discipline (self-discipline), for which 5 second rule book will help you.

Hopefully these reasons are strong enough to make you get up early next morning.

Good day🙌

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