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These 7 Emotions are Making You a Negative Person

We are what we feel, our emotions directly impact our personality. We may not be aware of how we express ourselves, but our emotions shape our subconscious, how to behave. And if our negative emotions take charge of our subconscious we will eventually become a negative person.

Emotions are just emotions, but if we express listed ones more than good emotions (joy, happy, loved, grateful, etc.) we will become a person who is mostly negative. 

How we express these emotions also creates our persona. And people stay away from people with negative persona. So why not choose to observe those emotions that make us negative person and try to reduce them.

Emotions are just emotions. They are not you, they are not facts, and you can let them go.


These are 7 researched emotions that bring down our positive vibe. Work on yourself to reduce these emotions.


Anger is a normal human emotion, but it’s necessary to find healthy ways to express it so as not to alienate people around us.

Ask yourself. How would you feel around a person who is always arguing and indulging in fights for even silly reasons?

Not really comfortable. Anger describes how much control one has on his emotions. If you catch anger more often, it might frame you physically strong but truly you’re emotionally weak.


“She has gotten popular, I wish I could be in that position”, “He has an expensive & amazing mobile phone, I also want that”. Envy is feeling of desiring something that belongs to someone else.

It’s so poisonous that it can kill our self-esteem, make us say bad things about someone we might have never met before. Along with jealousy, envy is the only emotion that makes us judgemental.

Envious feelings can make you a person who criticizes. And people who are aware will not stay around a person who most of the time is talking about desires and not taking right steps to achieve them.


This emotion can be observed when you feel bad because someone is doing something that you want(ed) to do. Jealousy is about feeling bad from people, not from their material things. Yes, that’s what makes it different from envy. It’s not materialistic. It’s more of a relationship thing. 

When you see your best friend getting attached to someone else and you feel different, that’s jealousy my friend.

If you choose compassion instead of envy or jealousy, surely you’ll become a people magnet.


Sadness is one of key emotions experienced by everyone in the world resulting from loss of something or someone. So does it mean being sad is not good? No, but being sad most of the time will make things miserable.

Sadness reports a range of emotional states we can experience including everything from disappointment to extreme despair and anguish.

list of negative emotionns
Source: Atlas of emotions

Have you ever stayed in sad environment? How does it feel? Not good, no space for enjoyment and joy. Similarly, if you feel sad most of the time, you will detach from enjoyment and joy. As a result, making or strengthening relationships would be difficult.


In the first place people don’t choose someone to talk to who is most of the time in self-doubt and always brings a question or decision for others. People with self-doubt judge their own abilities and when you doubt your own abilities how would someone else trust you?

Surrounding ourselves with doubtful people lowers our confidence. Suppose you & a doubtful friend got an opportunity to speak on stage, your doubtful person would fire his doubts toward you and chances are it will lower your confidence.

Do you want to be that friend?


Hopelessness or Despair is feeling of being without hope or of not being able to improve a situation. An extreme hopeless person always wants that situation to be delegated. Being extremely hopeless will make you a people pleaser.

Avoiding this emotions has another big reason as well, despair leads to depression as well.

When we are hopeless we don’t value ourselves. If we don’t value ourselves why someone else would?


Guilt is feeling bad, knowing you did the wrong thing even though you knew what was right. It makes us feel disgusted with ourselves. Guilt will immediately turn your negative vibe mode on. 

“Guilt is like rust – it is slow, but powerful and it eats the person alive”

Key Takeaways

We are what we think. And it’s not impossible to get control and awareness of our thoughts. But we had talked about emotions, not thoughts! Yes, but our emotions originate from what we think. Okay, so what is the solution?

Avoiding these emotions would be very complicated if we often attract them. So the best option we are left with is having control and awareness. Practicing meditation is best way to change how we think.

To be specific, be kind and compassionate. If you can’t remove negative ones, make positive ones strong. This will strengthen your vibes and make you become a people magnet. 

Positive attracts positive, Negative attracts negative.

Good Day👋

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