Set Priorities in Life: 3 Rules To Set Priorities For Life In 2023

Priorities are an essential part of progress. The more we know where to direct our energy, money, and time, the more we’ll be able to separate essential from non-essential activities.

We make decisions based on our priorities. Setting priorities in life is vital, because if we haven’t found our purpose in life yet, priorities will drive us to our desires.

Your life sucks because you don’t know how to make life suck less!

It’s important to set priorities in life in order to begin to drive in the right direction. Most people have no clear priorities, they struggle both in making decisions that might be impactful in life (play a big part in life) and setting conscious goals.

For eg. Struggle in choosing what career to go with. People with priorities (or purpose) don’t overthink on what to do next. Similarly, setting goals for them is calm, than those with no clear priorities.

Manifestation is only possible when we act in the direction of our goals. And we can only act on goals, if we decide to. Setting priorities for life will make the decision process easier, hence the acting process. 

What does priority mean?

Priority can be understood by a simple question. What is most meaningful and important in your life today that you don’t want to compromise and will eventually lead to your desired lifestyle? 

Basically, A priority is a rough mindmap for your better overall life, to prevent confusions. Priorities have to be set in an organized way. 

For eg. Life’s basic priorities (for everyone) have to be organized in three parts;

  1. Better Health
  2. Good Relationships and
  3. Financial Independence

If these three areas of your life (all of them) are blurred or you are still in confusion, you don’t have clarity aka priority. Most of us might have already set priority in at least any one of these areas.

But for a better and balanced lifestyle we need to have priorities for these three areas.

What is importance of setting priorities?

We have already discussed the values and importance of it in introduction. Let’s list them again (for sake of better organization);

  1. Priorities help in better decision making and simplifying the process of decision making.
  2. They are a better replacement till we find our purpose in life. Which will drive us to desires.
  3. Priorities bring clarity.
  4. Manifestation becomes easier.

The best example why we need priorities would be– Most of us struggle a lot in saying no. Saying no becomes easier when you have priorities. You could just say “I can’t join you, I have other work to do, that’s important” because you know priorities are before anything.

“Good things happen when you set your priorities straight.”

Scott Caan

How are goals different from priorities?

Priorities are: What is most important and meaningful in your life today that you are not willing to compromise or sacrifice in pursuit of something else?

Goals are always in the future. Goals are sub-parts of priorities. For eg. Priority for financial freedom is to start making money. Goal to this priority will be HOW? Maybe blogging, consulting, coding or a job.

A few comparisons between priorities and goals are:

  1. Present Focused vs. Future Focused
  2. What Is Happening vs. What Will/May Be
  3. In The Present vs. In The Future

Your goals and priorities have to be aligned together. You should not make a goal that doesn’t support or make sense with your priorities.

How to set priorities for Life?

Take a Break & Think what’s Important To You

You need a relaxed mind to think about the most important things. Most of us often avoid thinking about what’s important to us and just distract ourselves with unneeded tasks. 

Ask yourself, how would you like to live your life?

Would you like to be healthy and with peace in mind? Write it down.

Would you like to have more fun with your family and feel the love? Write it down.

Write down the things that are truly important to you, the things that ten/twenty/thirty years from now will make you proud.

Just write important things, don’t mix them with urgent ‘wants’.

View Life from Top (Zoom Out)

Watch out life from top. For eg. We are born, live life and then we die. This was the truth. There is nothing we can do with the birth and death part. So, what to do with “living the life” part?

When we zoom out our situations we could see a more border view of them. We can easily connect the dots and get better solutions.

Here, For eg. living the life part can be filled with better relationships, financial independence and good health.

Understand difference of Need & Want

When you’re listing out your priorities, you must know the difference between what you truly ‘need’ and must do because it’s good for you, as opposed to what you may ‘want or desire.’

Needs are usually tangible things and mostly remain constant throughout life — for instance, your need to have a stable career or a meaningful and healthy relationship or a body in shape.

Wants and desires, on the other hand, are different for different people and may change over time. For example, the desire to possess material things, or own a luxury car.

If we don’t understand difference of ‘need’ & ‘want’ we will make invaluable priorities. Which would mostly be around our desires.

At the end, after finally deciding what’s important to you, write down your priorities. Work for them now.


Priorities are an alternative to purpose to keep going with life. For most of us it might be difficult to realize our purpose for life. Hopefully we will find it in the future. But till then we can enjoy an adventurous and joyful life by prioritizing what’s important to us.

Above were three basic rules to set priorities. You need to define what’s important to you, you have to zoom out of life to get a clean and uncomplicated image of life. And you need to understand the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’. Never confuse them!!

Don’t forget to act on priorities!!

Basic priorities everyone should have include: Good Health, Financial Freedom and Better Relationships

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