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Benefits of Detachment : 5 Things to Detach From ASAP, For Better Life

Action and adaptation play pioneer role to experience a successful life, but that’s not it. In order to adapt to new things, we need to detach from a few. 

Detachment is underrated, hence often ignored normally. Though it is a popular concept of spiritual lifestyle. 

“Detachment doesn’t mean you own nothing. It means that nothing owns you.”

Bhagavad Gita

Monks believe detachment from craving, desires and lust are key ingredients for freedom. Unless we detach ourselves from them, we will remain our own slaves. Detachment is also responsible for living a focused and joyful life.

Why is detachment so important?

Detachment is path to complete freedom. If we remain attached to family, our responsibilities might prevent us from pushing forward, maybe traveling world or taking risks. If we remain attached to our emotions, we will become uncontrollable. We will be sad, angry, or overwhelmed (anytime). Limited detachment will allow us to make conscious relationships with family, emotions and everything. 

When we are attached with the result or outcome, we will miss process part and at the end, whether we fail or win will feel dopamine fall/shot up ( extreme sadness/extreme happiness). By detaching from outcome we will stay more focused on enjoying the process. 

Is practicing detachment good?

Absolutely, because detaching from something will NOT evoke feelings of sadness when it’s gone or not achieved. Attachment of outcome (for eg.), when you don’t get what you wanted (attached with desired outcome), you will feel sad and sometimes guilty.

Most philosophies and spiritual texts suggest living life with detachment. Untying us from attachment opens abundant possibilities for positive experiences.

5 things to detach from immediately

Detach from material possessions

Less is more is the popular concept, also called minimalism. This concept is about living with limited and only needed items. Limited clothing, electronics, utensils, etc. 

All of us need to detach from material possessions because this is like a drug, we will never be satisfied (keep changing phones, cars, shoes, desktops, etc.). When we do this, we not only use our money wrong way but also support our mental default state to stay addicted to it.

Have you felt extreme anxiety or stress when you lose any object (your phone)? If yes, you are very attached to it.

Detaching from materialism will make you aware of what is really important in life, what are other ways to invest money, you will learn to value people more than objects.

Detach from energy vampires

Living around energy vampires (negative people, who suck our energy), will prevent us from touching the skies. Energy vampires condense our abilities.

We must detach from negative people ASAP. It’s true that it’s not possible to bring a person UP if he always has negative opinions. But a negative person can bring you down.

So stop spending time with them, you are who you spend your time with. Walk away, stop conversation, you don’t need to share good news with them (they don’t care anyway!!)

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Detach from outcome

Outcome sometimes inspires us to keep moving and other times it makes us anxious & stressful. In both situations it keeps us away from the present moment.

Some moments will also bring us worry; those moments can cut us off from the process and we might quit. Or you might quit after realizing that your desired result will take way more time.

It’s imperative to not worry too much about the results of our efforts. That will make you impatient and demotivated by how much time it takes to do something awesome.

Detach from simple bad habits

Bad habits such as improper diet routines, multitasking, spending time unnecessarily, etc. are responsible for degrading our lifestyle. Detaching from them will make us more valuable. 

Best way to detach from bad habits is to replace them with good ones. We must understand we are made from these simple habits only. Eating just one piece of sandwich for a long term could make you obese hence unhealthy. And investing just a few dollars consistently could create immense wealth.

Detaching from bad habits will open you doors to swap them with good ones and ultimately a better lifestyle.

Detach from mindless flow

It’s true that most of us have been through this state of flow. Mindless flow state is where we feel comfortable, no worry, don’t think about our freedom, don’t do anything. 

Comfort zone is the key reason for mindless flow. Detaching from it will help you to find your purpose of life, will help you to be free, live a life on your terms.

Detachment from mindless flow is true awakening. 

How to practice detachment?

There are multiple tools to detach from emotions, family, bad habits, negative peoples, and mindless flow. So there is one simple way to detachment for better lifestyle;

It’s attachment with yourself. True attachment with yourself will keep you away from negative consequences. For eg. You will not eat junk food if you really care about yourself. If you really care about yourself, you will start exercising. If you care about your mental health, you will stay away from toxic people. When you care about yourself, you will understand mindless flow and material possessions are devils.

You are alone, you came alone, you’ll depart alone. You have to take care of your mental, physical, emotional, financial and relationship states.


The Concluding sentence is: we must always keep a thin layer of detachment. (we don’t necessarily need to leave our family or become a monk!!) We must learn how to stay detached, because in spite of all of our efforts, it’s not necessary that things will happen according to our expectation, because we don’t always have control over circumstances. But remaining detached will not affect us and keep us away from feeling disappointment.

Take care of yourself. Detachment is not bad.

Good DAY✨

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