18 time wasting habits to avoid at every cost

18 Time Wasting Habits of Adults and How to Overcome Them

Almost all adults have a few time wasting habits which make them less capable or not allow them to reach their fullest potential.

Habits as we all know, have massive impact, especially on our future. If we have good habits, our growth trajectory will be smoother, if not, we will keep drowning without being aware of drowning (mostly).

This blog post is dedicate to students who might be wasting time with these bad habits. Also a reminder to myself to not fall into this trap.

Let’s learn more about what are these habits and how to get rid of these habits.

1. Snoozing the alarm

Let’s start with first thing in the morning. Alarm.

Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock can seem like a harmless indulgence, but it can quickly turn into a time-wasting habit.

Not only does it delay your start to the day, but it also disrupts your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling groggy and unproductive.

To break this habit, try placing your alarm clock across the room so that you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

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2. Procrastination

Not only students, but most people have this baddest habit. Including myself, I’m writing this blog post in last moments of day!! But I’m getting better. I don’t at least quite.

It’s easy to put off studying or completing assignments until the last minute, but procrastination is one of the most common time-wasting habits among college students.

Instead of waiting until the deadline looms, try breaking up large projects into smaller tasks and setting deadlines for each one.

3. Social media scrolling

Checking social media can be an addictive distraction that can easily eat away at your study time.

Simply, set a time limit for your social media use and consider using apps that limit your access to certain sites during designated study hours.

Most apps have feature of reminding you after you use that app for a certain time. Use it man.

4. Multitasking

Practicing football today and volleyball next is never going to help you in either sport. You got to be sticked with one thing for a long time to get something out of it.

While it may seem like you’re being efficient by doing multiple tasks at once, the truth is multitasking can actually decrease your overall productivity.

Instead, focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention before moving on to the next.

5. Lack of prioritization

Not knowing what tasks are most important can lead to a lot of wasted time.

I’m sure you’d have experienced moments when you don’t know what to do now. And when you don’t find answer, you again, scroll through social medias. Waste of time!!

You can solve this problem by making a to-do list and prioritize your tasks by importance and deadline.

6. Overcommitting

Taking on too many responsibilities can quickly lead to burnout and decreased productivity.

Learn to say no to non-essential commitments and focus on your most important priorities.

7. All-nighters

If you are a student you can relate with all nighters, but they aren’t good, you need to avoid them.

Staying up all night to cram for an exam or finish an assignment may seem like a good idea, but it can actually hinder your performance and decrease your productivity the next day.

Aim to get a good night’s sleep and break up your studying into smaller, manageable sessions.

8. Procrastinating by cleaning

While it may seem productive to tidy up your dorm room or apartment, using cleaning as a way to procrastinate can be a major time-waster.

We do it sometimes, but don’t let it become a habit. Because it is just procrastination and a lot of time waste. Focus on your todo list and work on it first.

You can set designated cleaning times and stick to them, rather than using them as a way to avoid other tasks.

9. Poor time management

Not having a plan for how to use your time effectively can lead to wasted hours.

Use a planner or calendar to schedule out your day and make the most of your time.

10. Getting lost in the internet rabbit hole

From clicking on interesting links to watching cat videos, the internet can be a major source of distraction.

However, it’s different from social medias. You waste time reading gossips, or watching web stories that you don’t really need.

You can use browser extensions to block distracting websites or set a timer for your internet use.

11. Oversleeping

While getting enough sleep is important, oversleeping can lead to feeling groggy and unmotivated.

Try to establish a consistent sleep schedule and avoid sleeping in too late on the weekends.

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12. Not taking breaks

Trying to power through hours of studying without taking a break can actually decrease your productivity.

You have to understand negative impacts of workaholism. They are serious!!

You NEED to take short breaks every hour to recharge and refocus.

13. Focusing on the wrong things

Spending too much time on low-priority tasks can be a major time-waster.

As an example, using social media while studying is a wrong choice, overthinking while writing assignment shows your shattered focus.

Simply identify your most important goals and prioritize your time accordingly.

14. Disorganized workspace

A cluttered desk or workspace can make it difficult to focus and increase your stress levels. Not organizing your work/study space is a bad and time wasting habit.

Being a student, I assume you spend most time with your desk/workspace (at least I do), so it has to remain organized to think clearly and keep brain calm.

Take a few minutes each day to tidy up and organize your workspace.

15. Not taking advantage of downtime

Waiting in line, commuting, or sitting in a waiting room can be valuable pockets of time that are often wasted.

Use these opportunities to review notes or complete smaller tasks.

16. Not using available resources

College campuses often have a wealth of resources available to students, from study groups to tutoring services. Take advantage of such resources.

For eg. use library, take demo of other courses, because if you got free time, you’d be scrolling social medias again.

17. Skipping class

Skipping class may seem like a good way to save time, but it can actually end up being a major time-waster in the long run.

When you miss class, you miss out on important information, which can lead to confusion and lower grades.

To avoid this habit, make it a priority to attend all of your classes. If you have to miss a class, make sure to get notes from a classmate or reach out to your professor to get caught up.

18. Taking excessively long breaks

Yes, I said taking breaks is good, but long breaks diminish your routine and habits (good). So try not to take too long breaks.

Students who take extended breaks often struggle to refocus and get back to work.

To overcome this habit, try setting a reminder for your breaks and sticking to a predetermined length of time.


If you found these 18 bad habits relatable, act now to eliminate them and do something meaningful with the time.

You can read book Atomic habits or Power of habit, if you haven’t already. They will help you with practical ideas to make/break habits.

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  1. Snoozing the alarm
  2. Procrastination
  3. Social media scrolling
  4. Multitasking
  5. Lack of prioritization
  6. Overcommitting
  7. All-nighters
  8. All-nighters
  9. Procrastinating by cleaning
  10. Poor time management
  11. Getting lost in the internet rabbit hole
  12. Oversleeping
  13. Not taking breaks
  14. Focusing on the wrong things
  15. Disorganized workspace
  16. Not taking advantage of downtime
  17. Not using available resources
  18. Skipping class
  19. Taking excessively long breaks

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Good bye. Take Care👋🤝

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