5 Types of People you should Avoid Taking Career Advice From

Career advice is something all of us look for at some phase of our life. All of us make mistakes and one big mistake we make is to accept career advice from wrong people. As a result we end up wasting a lot of our time. We have to know what people to avoid accepting advice from.

Career advice can change the direction of our lives. Which is reason why they had to be received from the right person. To not develop complexity bias, it’s just simple. You should ask for advice from person who has already achieved what you desire or has stayed close to people who achieved your desired lifestyle.

But you still need to know what type of people to avoid taking advice from to save your time and give the right direction to your life.

And remember you have to be responsible and know how to use that advice as well.

How to use advice right way

Asking for advice is not complicated. Complex part is how we use it. It totally depends on us how we use advice. We will be responsible if it only did not work for us but worked for everyone else. Maybe because we didn’t digest it properly.

Remember three simple rules to how to use advice;

Reflect your opinions as well

When you receive advice or suggestions on your career, remember to reflect with your opinions. How you feel about advice. Does this advice really fit in your life? 

Accept good advice gracefully as long as it doesn’t interfere with what you intended to do in the first place.

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For eg. You might be advised to “master the skill of coding and monetize it. There is lot of money in there” To this advice your reflection might be “okay but I am already learning graphic designing, and coding is irritating to me!! ” orr “That’s cool, I think I should give it a try, I have some free time so why not try it!”

Remain neutral

Being neutral toward suggestions or advice is a profound skill. Remaining neutral is essential to measure differences and understand advantages and disadvantages of acting on that advice.

Having a biased mentality toward suggestions or defending behaviour toward our opinions will only keep us away from implementing some good changes. 

Some people have the stubbornness of sticking to their own opinions only and don’t accept or even listen to other’s. Which keeps them very far from great opportunities.

Act on advice

Acting on advice is final step to find if it works for you or not. After listening to advice, reflecting on it being neutral we lack ability to act on it. Some advices are exceptional and we agree on implementing it

You can get advice from great and successful people on shorts, reels, basically on the internet, if not in real life. Choose to act on them. But remember to reflect your opinions remaining unbiased by asking yourself, do I really NEED to implement it? 

5 Peoples to Never Ask for Advice from

#1 An inexperienced person

Asking for advice from an inexperienced person is not recommended to direct your life. Because that person hasn’t been on that path, he doesn’t know about obstacles, solutions of how to pass them, he isn’t confident himself while answering you. 

The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants.


An experienced person will guide you step by step in the right direction and you’d be confident enough to follow them as well, because you know I am taking advice from a person who’s already been there…

#2 A Friend who don’t want to hurt your feelings

You might have a friend older than you, it’s good to ask for advice from them because we can share our emotions with them as well. 

But exception is friends who care too much about us and don’t want to hurt our feelings. We must avoid taking advice from them, because we need to hear and follow some rough paths with struggle.

A friend who doesn’t want to hurt your feelings will never tell you complete truth about hardships and will never want you to go through all that.

#3 A person with no clarity

We meet people who are confused themselves but pretend to be geniuses. Confused people are easy to observe after two or three meetings. People confused with their own career can’t give you the right direction (that has to be logical).

They often have multiple plans in their career, might be working around several unsuccessful businesses or still trying to figure out their passions.

#4 The Advisers

There are people who do nothing except give advice to every other person they meet. Some people genuinely find it great to share knowledge. But some just pretend to be smart in every area.

These people without listening to your full story, dive in between, to answer your problem and come up with a solution for you (without knowing you). They don’t care if it makes sense to you or not. They always have solutions, but unsure if their advice will work or not.

Avoid implementing their advice unless you find it actually sensible because mostly they don’t make sense!! 

#5 People who don’t know to advice

Yes, there exist people who don’t know how to advise someone. In order to give advice one should have idea of how to explain things. Some people are terrible at explaining. They will advise you one thing and you will follow other things.

Keep in mind to take advice from one who can tell you clearly, so that you don’t misunderstand suggestions.

Key Takeaways

Career advice and suggestions have the ability to change our entire life. We must stay aware of who we are taking from them. 

More important part is how you react to advice. If you know how you can use it, congrats you have an underrated skill

Follow the ideas and avoid these type of (above) people above while seeking advice.

Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.

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Good DAY🤝

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