life of quiet desperation

The Life of Quiet Desperation and Unfulfilling Feeling

This short article is an inspiration from a Joe Rogan’s Short clip. Which is some way touched me deeply and forced me to think on that. The life of quiet desperation, what does it mean?

Let me tell you that original quote by Henry David Thoreau;

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

Henry David Thoreau

What does it mean by life of quiet desperation?

It means that many people, particularly men, go through life feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled, & trapped in unhappy state.

Such people don’t show their feeling. They’ll appear to be living normally/ordinarily like everyone else, but deep down, they are unhappy with what they are doing for eg. job which they hate, business they don’t like, responsibilities which bound them, etc.

People in quiet desperation feel like they don’t belong where they are, they want something more meaning or fulfilling.

The truth is, too many of people silently feel this way, they can be your neighbour who commutes to office everyday, the driver you meet on UBER or even the doctor you met y’day. Feeling of quiet desperation is not connected with income. These people struggle with their emotions, dreams & desires, they break connection from their true selves.

3 Reasons that lead to quiet desperation

Societal Expectations

The pressure to conform to what society considers “normal” or “successful” can be overwhelming. Many individuals feel trapped, fearing judgment and criticism if they deviate from the accepted path.

This fear prevents them from pursuing their true passions and living authentically. As a result, they live in a state of quiet desperation, longing for a life that aligns with their innermost desires but feeling trapped by society’s expectations.

I’ve noticed that only weak people are mostly affected by “what other’s will think mentality” or “XYZ’s career is good, he is recogonized in society, I should be doing the same..”..

People feel desperate to come out of their current situation if they keep following opinions of society.

I haven’t experienced but it’s clear that following this path will not lead you to where you want to see yourself…that’s where next reason of quiet desperation comes in.

Lack of Purpose and Meaning

A major factor that lead to a life of quiet desperation.

When individuals feel disconnected from their true purpose and struggle to find meaning in their daily lives, they can experience a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

It can often be observed in people going 9-5 to work hard, live on paychecks. I’m sure you might have noticed, a lot of them are transitioning to youtube or starting their new journey. For sure, a lot of people lack purpose, and they live under desperation to get out of current reality.

Without a clear direction or a sense of fulfillment, life may feel stagnant and unfulfilling, leading to a persistent feeling of quiet desperation.

If you are young my friend, have a purpose, make goals, be clear..TRY A LOT OF THINGS SOON. And don’t let your inner negative chatter, make you weaker.

Fear of Taking Risks

The fear of taking risks plays a significant role in a life of quiet desperation. When individuals are afraid of failure and the uncertainty that comes with stepping outside their comfort zones, they often choose to stay in familiar and unfulfilling situations.

This fear prevents them from pursuing their dreams and experiencing true fulfillment, resulting in a state of quiet desperation where they yearn for something more but feel trapped in their own fears.

Why this happens?

We accept it or not, but we are only responsible for or “quiet desperate life”.

Early in life, you choose to stay in comfort zone, didn’t made decisions which you should’ve made, you them found other comfort zone, eg. a job (which was short term comfort, you realized it’s really mess).

You didn’t thought about having a purpose in life, or even to make a goal.


Is there anything good about it?

Although the feeling of quiet desperation is generally negative, it can actually inspire positive change and personal growth. When people reach a point of quiet desperation, it can make them reflect on their lives, question their decisions, and seek ways to escape their current situation.

This can ignite a strong desire for change, motivating them to take action, explore new opportunities, and make positive transformations.

In this way, the feeling of quiet desperation can serve as a wake-up call. Hence, pushing individuals to strive for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This feeling is wound and with time wounds fill.


In the depths of quiet desperation, we feel trapped and suffocated by unfulfilled dreams and lost potential. We yearn for something more, a sense of purpose and meaning.

But even in the darkest moments, a glimmer of hope appears.

The pain of quiet desperation can be a catalyst for change, pushing us to seek a different path. It awakens our spirit and ignites a fire within to break free from conformity and find true fulfillment. These moments of desperation sow the seeds of transformation.

Through self-reflection, we gather the courage to take risks, pursue our passions, and embrace the unknown.

Quiet desperation becomes a driving force for growth, leading us to an authentic, purposeful, and joyful life.

Let’s not fear the darkness, but embrace it as a catalyst for our own rebirth. From the depths of desperation, we rise and soar toward the radiant light of our true selves.

Take care, good bye🥳🥂

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