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18 Productive Things I Often do On My Phone in My Free Time 

I do not like to waste my time, so whenever I find free time, I intentionally choose a task and go for it. Sometimes if I am stuck with my phone, for example: on any event, I do a few things on my phone, NOT ALL, but for sure from them. You can take inspiration and find productive things to do with your phone in your free time.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 18 productive things that I often do on my phone during my downtime.

From listening to podcasts and learning a new language to organizing my recommendations and deleting unneeded bookmarks, these activities are sure to keep you engaged and make the most of your free time. 

So, grab your phone and let’s get productive!

Listen to a podcast: 

I love to tune into my favorite podcasts whenever I have some free time on my phone. It’s a great way to learn new things and stay entertained while doing mundane tasks.

I think that’s the best thing one can do if he has free time. I often look for catchy episodes from some of my favorite podcasts. Which include, My First Million, Founders, IndieHackers, & few more. I only listen to Spotify, but if ads start to feel irritating, I jump to Google Podcast.

Watch a TED talk: 

TED talks are a great way to get inspired and learn something new. I always keep a few downloaded on my phone so I can watch them whenever I have some free time.

And if I don’t have a download, I just head to youtube and watch. I find it a great way to gain knowledge in your free time. TED brings us exceptional speakers who share several critical lessons they learned, from procrastination to emotions. I love it.

Read a Kindle book: 

Reading a book is a great way to relax and escape from reality for a little while. I love reading on my Kindle app on my phone because it’s convenient and easy to carry around.

Having a kindle app is the best thing you can do with your phone. Whenever I see this app I just open and start to read any book.

Read an eBook on Google Play Books: 

Sometimes I like to switch it up and read a book on Google Play Books. Because I have a few of my books downloaded on my google books app, so if I don’t go to kindle I jump here.

But mostly my reading time is spent on google play books only, firstly I don’t read physical books (which is the best way to read books).

Read my Discover feed (Google Discover feed):

 I love to scroll through my Discover feed on Google to find interesting articles and news. It’s a great way to stay informed and learn something new.

My personal best productive things to do on my phone is this. Because it is personalized and I get to see what I need (like blog ideas, SEO updates) so that I can only consume what I am producing which develops my creativity.

Seek ideas for a blog post: 

As a blogger, I’m always looking for new ideas for my blog posts. Whenever I have some free time on my phone, I like to brainstorm ideas and plan out my next post.

And brainstorming blog post ideas is, I think, quite hard, so pushing myself makes me more productive, (I am doing this on my phone, I’ll do keyword research later!!)

Listen to music (with a timer): 

Music is a great way to boost my mood and relax. As it is said, you need to calm your brain to stay productive over time and COMPOUND your productivity.

I use a timer because, if I turn on music, I find myself completely immerse in it and forget everything else (I can listen to music for hours…which in one way is bad & unproductive).

Learn a new language (planning): 

Learning a new language is something I’ve always wanted to do. I use my free time on my phone to find new ideas or best apps/ways to learn a new language.

But I haven’t found anything yet, so I’m still planning to learn a language.

Create my next to-do list: 

I like to stay organized and productive, so I always create a to-do list for the next day or next quarter of day whenever I have some free time on my phone.

If the to-do list is clear I just find I can delete something or complete it in just one day. If I find it, I’ll move toward it.

Write my thoughts: 

Writing down my thoughts and ideas is a great way to clear my mind and stay creative. I like to use my phone to jot down notes whenever I have some free time. MY FAVORITE PRACTICE..

Bookmark the best websites I find: 

Whenever I come across a useful or interesting website, I like to bookmark it on my phone so I can easily find it later.

For example, if I find any good blog, I’ll bookmark it. I also bookmark tools (websites) that align with my needs, which can make my work easier hence productive.

Delete unneeded bookmarks: 

At the same time I also delete bookmarks that I find unuseful.

It’s important to keep my phone organized, so I like to delete any bookmarks that I no longer need or use.

Watch a course on Coursera (around 5-8 minutes): 

Coursera has a great selection of online courses that I can easily access on my phone. I like to watch short courses whenever I have some free time to learn something new.

Actually, I have paused videos so, whenever this app catches my eyes, I open it and watch short 3-8 minute modules.

Honestly, I don’t visit here often.

Organize my recommendations: 

As I mentioned early my best thing to do in free time to stay productive was to check discover feed. Since it’s all about recommendation, I keep updating what articles I am finding interesting valuable I like then so that I can get more like it, and click *not interested on that I don’t find interesting.

I do this with YouTube and Medium as well. Best simple practice I’d recommend to anyone. Of Course you don’t want to be manipulated by algorithms, so keep updating your needs NOT wants.

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Watch an entertaining video, maybe stand-up comedy: 

Watching a funny video is a great way to boost my mood and relax. I like to watch stand-up comedy videos on my phone whenever I have some free time.

Not often but sometimes, It’s best way to feel instant relax.

Read my highlighted book notes: 

When I am not reading a book I like to visit my highlights, and revise my learnings, It’s a great way to refresh my memory and revisit the key takeaways.

Read articles on Medium: 

Medium has a great selection of articles on a wide range of topics. Whenever I have some free time on my phone, I like to read interesting articles and learn something new.

Check or unsubscribe from Newsletters:

I receive many newsletters, and some of them are no longer relevant to me. So, I regularly check my email and unsubscribe from newsletters that no longer serve my interests. It keeps my inbox organized and saves time.

Final words

There are numerous ways to utilize your free time on your phone in a productive manner. Whether it’s learning a new language, seeking inspiration for your next blog post, or simply reading a book, the possibilities are endless. 

With these 18 suggestions, you can make the most of your phone’s capabilities and turn idle moments into productive ones. 

By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you can improve your skills, gain knowledge, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. So, next time you find yourself with some free time, pick up your phone and try out one of these productive activities.

I am not saying these are productive things, but they certainly help me, again to remind you, I DON’T DO ALL OF THEM IN MY FREE TIME, I do 3-4 of them, but they are what I do in my free time. And they help me stay more productive at work.

Hope it helped you..Good day, Take Care🙌✨

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